-ist1 [ist, əst]
[ME -iste < OFr < L -ista < Gr -istēs < verbs ending in -izein] suffix forming nouns
1. a person who does, makes, or practices (the thing specified): words so formed correspond to verbs ending in -IZE or nouns ending in -ISM [moralist, satirist]
2. a person skilled in or occupied with; an expert in [druggist, violinist]
3. an adherent of or believer in [anarchist]
4. a person having or displaying prejudice related to [ageist]: see -ISM (sense 8)
-ist2 [ist, əst]
forming adjectives corresponding to nouns ending in -ISM or -IST1 [Darwinist, escapist, ageist]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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